Why Choose Backcountry Unlimited?

Personal Growth

At Backcountry Unlimited we travel, get outdoors and consistently challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone by interacting with the natural world. The feeling of climbing a mountain, standing up on a surfboard, paddling a raft down a rushing river or watching a sunset while camping in a beautiful place cannot be matched. Conquering our fears and doubts has made us confident, successful, healthy individuals. Backcountry Unlimited revels in the opportunity to introduce the next generation of youth leaders to rock climbing, river rafting and mountain biking. Backcountry Unlimited programs are carefully designed to create empowered, socially conscious teens through outdoor adventure travel.

Program Quality

Backcountry Unlimited participants are the heart and soul of our organization. We design all our trips to maximize adventure in a safe and positive group setting.  Our favorite part of teen adventure travel is fostering responsible, compassionate, collaborative, resilient and self-confident leaders. Backcountry Unlimited is excited to take teens surfing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing all in the space of a couple weeks. Not only do our campers get to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of these adventure activities but they actively participate in maximizing their personal experience by learning to pitch a tent, cook a group meal or roast their favorite type of s’mores.

Small Group Size

All Backcountry Unlimited programs maintain a maximum group size of 13 teen participants and 2 adult Trip Leaders. Our Trip Leaders are experienced, capable, inspirational outdoor professionals with all necessary medical and industry certifications. We have found that this 7:1 ratio not only fits well inside a 15-passenger van but also creates a group dynamic that promotes friendship, leadership and fun between both Participants and Trip Leaders. Our hiring process can be a little bit stringent but we stand behind our commitment to employing only the best professionals in the outdoor industry. Participation in a Backcountry Unlimited outdoor programs ensures that knowledgeable and passionate people who love adventuring in the outdoors will lead your kid’s trip. Our staff provides a safe and positive environment tailored to individual and group success and a little bit of silliness!


The concept of outdoor adventure based education is at the core of every Backcountry Unlimited program. Our organization is dedicated to offering thrilling and life-changing adventure experiences to teens and nurturing a sense of appreciation and stewardship in the next generation of leaders. Backcountry Unlimited believes that the only way to truly appreciate our magnificent natural world is to experience and interact with it. All our programs are carefully designed to introduce educational aspects such as cultural history and geology as well as life skills like leadership and self-confidence. We also love teaching our teens how to start a campfire with a bow drill and set up a proper camp.

Environmental Sterwardship

Backcountry Unlimited is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of our natural world. Simply put, our greatest passion is getting outdoors and having adventures. We believe that the best way to instill those values in young adults is to get them out into nature and have fun! When we love something we protect it and Backcountry Unlimited is deeply rooted in the philosophy of environmental stewardship.

Community Outreach

Backcountry Unlimited wholeheartedly believes in participating and interacting with local communities. We are based in beautiful Prescott, Arizona and feel fortunate to contribute to an active network of outdoor enthusiasts. Our Adventure Partners are like-minded organizations dedicated to getting outside and introducing others to the wonders of the natural world. We very proud of our ongoing partnership with The Launch Pad Teen Center here in Prescott. A close friend of the Backcountry Unlimited founders started The Launch Pad eight years ago and our CEO sits on their Board of Directors. The Launch Pad teens are exceptional and extraordinary young adults who not only play one heck of a game of Ping Pong but also play awesome folk and punk music. The members of The Launch Pad are featured in our video blogs explaining our FAQ’s and activities around the Prescott, Arizona area.